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Jeff Levack and the Harlem Shake
Have you heard of the latest dance craze?  The Harlem Shake is all over the internet so of course I had to jump on the bandwagon - that is, until Richie came in and ruined all my fun.
Te'oing with Jeff
You’ve heard the story of Manti Teo, right?  Te’o was receiving phone calls and letters and texts from a woman who he thought was his girlfriend.  He had even talked with many of her family members.  Well, the whole thing turned out to be a hoax – there was no girlfriend.
I can’t pass up an opportuni…
Redneck Moments of Genius
Most of us love the “you might be a redneck… if” jokes – and the only thing better than a good joke is a funny video.  Here are a couple of “Redneck Moments of Genius” for your viewing enjoyment!  If you want to test your…
Creepy Co-workers [AUDIO]
This morning on the Sean & Richie show, the four of us had quite an interesting, early morning conversation that just turned plain creepy.  In case you missed it or weren't up early enough to catch the boys and me, here is the audio of the break that turned into…
Levack’s 5 Must Own Movies
Tomorrow I will be at FYE in Johnstown from 2 to 4 click here for details. Well that got me thinking of what movies I needed to add to my collection. Thing is every time I do that I start watching my favorites and the next thing you know I'm eating popcorn and watching movies all day. Here&apos…
Inside The Mind Of A Intern
From time to time we bring in interns. These young men and women come and "work" in exchange for knowledge. Just about all of us have been there. It's a tough and thankless job but if you work hard and impress you never know what will come out of it. We currently have the pleasure of Krist…
How To Battle Customer Service
You know what I hate?! I hate that customer service is a huge hassle! Do you think I don’t know you make it tough in hopes I’ll give up and go away? Well I will not!

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