I bet most of you are not aware, but it's snowing out.  And we are getting hit with a lot of the cold white stuff.  I know it has dominated most all of the Facebook posts I've seen today and all of the news.  Honestly, you would think we had never seen the stuff before in Upstate New York.  I can see how some of the other states are getting excited about it, many of them never see snow.  Currently, there are 49 states with at least a little snow cover.  Hawaii, which usually  does see snow on it's volcano peaks is the only hold out.  But here?  It dominates the better part of our year.  I know many of you like to ski, or snowmobile or some other winter activity that actually makes you look forward to this stuff, but I don't.  In fact I pretty much despise snow. NO, I 'm sorry that's wrong, I DO despise snow.

This led me to wonder, how could snow be improved?  What would make me look forward to it as much as the snowmobile enthusiast do?

The very first thing that comes to mind is flavor it.  Maybe chocolate or watermelon or maybe it would have it's own unique awesome flavor.  Also might be fun if when it hit your tongue, it fizzled like "Pop Rocks".  If it had a great taste, maybe we'd  go outside and get some for dessert.  Being very cautious to get the fresh snow of course and avoiding at all costs, the yellow snow.

That brings about another good change.  How about different colors?  White is so boring and gets dirty so easily.  What if every time it snowed it was a different color?  Or maybe came down in rainbow colors falling aimlessly to create beautiful abstract art all over the earth's canvass. We will also need it to be fluorescent for easy night time viewing. Everybody loves glow in the dark stuff!

The only other way I could think of right now was if its texture was different.   Maybe if after it fell it was firm enough to walk on, and melted at a slower rate so that the ground could absorb the moisture.  "How would that be cool?", you ask.  Because then my friends, we could golf on it!  Sure we'd have to go with a color change for the balls assuming we don't get the color change we desire for the snow, but that's simple enough.  Imagine firm but not hard snow, falling evenly over the golf course.  Every hit would be off the fairway.  Now  that would make me happy.

These are just a few ideas that came off the top of my head, maybe you have some better ones.  I'd love to hear them. (well, read them anyway) please feel free to "comment" the blog with your own ideas. I don't think we will ever get the changes we need, but to me it's like buying a lottery ticket, you know your not gonna win, but its fun to imagine a world where you did.

Enjoy your day, I'm off to go clean all the old and not new and improved %$#& off my car.