One week ago, Governor Andrew Cuomo stated he was enforcing all New York schools be tested, which was signed under a new law. School districts are to report their findings not only to parents, but state officials as well and some of those results are coming in already.

When you think of the water in our school systems, what is it used for? Where can it be found? It's not just within the water fountains outside the gymnasium or down the hall ways. What about the kitchens of our school cafeterias?

That's what drew a red flag at Voorheesville Elementary School. According to the school district, a kitchen faucet, utlized daily, filling jugs for water within the cafeteria and for the after-school programs was found to be contaminated with high levels of lead.

Since school has begun the faucets within the kitchen have not been used and won't be until the situation is handled. There were also sinks within a classroom and the transportation office that tested high and have also been turned off for the time being.

As stated within the article:

High levels of lead can cause physical, mental and learning impairments in people, but young children are especially vulnerable.

At this time not all water outlets within the school have been tested, but school officials claim they will be done by the necessary date of September 30th for all NY Elementary Schools, with Middle and High Schools to be tested by October 31st.

Unfortunately, in the meantime we are left unsure of what water is safe and what water is contaminated as our kids have now started their school year. Will you be doing anything differently until the results are in and disclosed?