Wheel of Fortune has recently featured a few contestants from the Capital Region and while neither were able to score riches, they were able to walk away from the beloved show without suffering any awkward, viral moments. Melanie, a Wheel contestant from Thursday night, was not so lucky.

With a live studio audience - and America - eyeballing your every move, cash on the line, tv cameras rolling, and Pat and Vannah staring you down, even the sharpest of all contestants can crack under the pressure.

According the New York Post, with one letter remaining in a four-word 'same name' Wheel of Fortune puzzle, Melanie blew it big time.  Her awkward incorrect guess left viewers chuckling to themselves while wondering if Melanie herself knew that her guess was not exactly 'safe for work'.

Would you be able to finish this 'same name' puzzle with only one letter remaining?


Well, Melanie gave it the old R. Kelly try, and when attempting to solve the puzzle, she guessed "Gold Shower" instead of 'Cold Shower".  No, no, no, sorry Melanie, that's not what we were looking for.

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