Embarrassing Celebrity Tweets
Thanks to Buzzfeed for this gem!  They have assembled a list of real-life celebrity tweets that prove those celebs are just like us!  We all make mistakes... he's proof -
1.  Mary J. Blige once Tweeted, quote, "Why is that people always try to understa…
Pole Dancing Fail [Watch]
So pole dancing continues to be a fun fitness fad for fearless women everywhere.
They go to classes, they practice, they even install poles in their homes!
Like this poor girl.  She just wanted to record herself doing one of the routines she must have practiced for hours - I mean pole dancin'…
High Five Fail Compilation LOL [Watch]
This video almost makes me want to quit high-fiving altogether!  This video is some of the most awkward high-fives ever!  Even the President isn't immune!
Don't you just feel their pain!  I wanna just help them out!  We've all been there, left hanging by a friend or…
Worst Anthem Ever
Over the years there have been many bad renditions of the National Anthem. Some people forget a line or a word, others are just terrible singers. This one however takes the cake. It is almost hard to listen to because it is so embarrassing!