Producer Levack presented me with a challenge.  It was a great idea -Take the new Tim McGraw/ Taylor Swift hit and talk about the commuter interruption that we are experiencing around here in the Clifton Park area.   I love a challenge

There's a rusty bridge that needs some work, and the D.O.T is on the case.  If you'd like to get more information on this "Twin Bridge Deck Replacement" project, you can go right to their website.

The bottom line is that there are a ton of complaints coming from Clifton Park residents and others in Saratoga County who want to travel south on weekend nites, but find it very annoying.   Therefore I wrote this from that angle.

I had a blast putting the music together for this (especially since I don't even own a guitar - the sounds you hear are ALL from keyboards!)  Lyrics follow the song link so you can sing while stuck in your Clifton Park homes.

Screen Shot Twin Bridges
from website
They said they'd be working on the twin bridges and thats alright,
but that don't do me much good when i leave my neighborhood on a Friday nite
It's down to one lane i cant go south
Stop complaining - SHUT YOUR MOUTH
it's supposed to move quick way too slow
DOT guy says on the radio
"Find a different route and stop acting like a baby
You're complaining so much it's driving me crazy"

You Highway guys, you don't care

Stuck in Clifton Park cant go nowhere,

Workin on the weekend

I'm stuck home at nite--

I'm gonna sue you, sue you

My girl lives in Latham ,we're going on a date

Your traffic cones made me two hours late

We missed the damn movie at Crossgates tonite  (who cares?)



If you don't like it - Leave the state!!

Are you happy with the way they are scheduling their bridge work?  Please comment below!  Hope you enjoyed the song.










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