Chances are you either have a license plate that is peeling or you have seen them on the road. Now the DOT has a solution for you, but there's a catch. It doesn't matter if it's the blue and white New York state license plates or the orange and blue, they all seem to be flaking or peeling off. According to CBS 6, the Department of Transportation (DOT) says you can have them replaced free of charge. However, there is a slight catch.

The damage is called "delamination" or the process of the top layers of the license plates peeling off. Because of this defect, the DOT says that you can bring them in and get new ones free. The DOT says, however, if you wish to keep your same license plate number, that will cost you.

New York State Police are advising motorists that if you have a plate that is unreadable due to the "delamination" or wear and tear, you could be stopped and ticketed.

To check if your plate is eligible for the new ones, you can submit a photo of the plate to the Department of Motor Vehicles. You can call the DMV Custom Plates Unit at 518-402-4838 between 8am and 4pm Monday through Friday.

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