You'll remember that Kip Moore was just at our Secret Star show at Proctors about a month ago and though I had the chance to meet him, I didn't have the opportunity to discuss our mutual love, until now.

If you follow Kip Moore on Instagram, you'll see that it's full of experiences he's had all over the world. I, too, have wanderlust, the need to travel whereever and whenever possible. I had to ask about his travels!

As a foodie, I love to see the kinds of food that other places have and sometimes base my travel plans on it. Kip Moore isn't the same way. As a surfer, Kip quite literally follows the waves. He checks out where the surf is good and just goes, nature telling him where his next step is.

Between touring and personal time, Kip has been all over the world but you'd be surprised to know that he still has a few places on his bucket list, including going back to his favorite place to visit in the whole world.

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