Last week Sean and I broadcasted live from Sandals Resort in the Bahamas and it was amazing!  I took my mom as my guest on the trip and she and I had the best time!

Mom and I went on an excursion to swim with dolphins as part of our adventure.  It was one of the coolest things I've ever done!  My mom loved it so much she cried!  Turns out, dolphins are really cool!  Before this trip I really could give or take dolphins in general.

The company who did the shore excursion was supposed to provide us with a disk of photos from our dolphin adventure, however something went terribly wrong and the pictures were unavailable.  And, of course we were not permitted to bring our own cell phones or cameras.  Therefore, not a single picture of our dolphin interaction exists!

I have literally never seen my mother squeal with such joy and be so awe-struck in my entire life.  She was alive with those dolphins!  I wanted those pictures, and I wanted her to have those photos as a reminder of one of the most fun days of her life!

But there are no photos.

So, I started thinking about this dilemma.  We had a great day, we have great memories, but we have no way to document it... in this weird, digital world we live in, doesn't it sometimes feel like if you don't have photo evidence that something occurred, then it kinda feels like it didn't even happen?

I mean I can tell you that I swam with dolphins.  I can tell you that I've been to Mars, I can tell you that Oprah is my cousin, but if I don't have a picture with the "Welcome to Mars, Population 0" sign, or a selfie with Oprah on Christmas, then none of that is real, right?

I mean, maybe I'm overthinking this whole thing... but maybe I'm onto something.  Don't you actually start believing something is real only after you see a photo or video of it?  Remember the UAlbany bus incident last month?  3 African American students claimed they were victims of a hate crime... we all believed them, but everyone in the Capital Region was calling for video proof.  Only to find out that, based on the video evidence, it wasn't a hate crime at all.

Well, I can't solve the world's problems, and I can't even get those adorable pictures of my Mommy smooching a porpoise, but I will always have my memories!

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