We would really like to get your opinion on this!

It's a political year, Albany is a political town, and frankly, Sean and I are political minded people!  But, do you want to hear our opinions on the matter?

That's the question.

You can't get on the internet, turn on the TV, or open a newspaper or magazine without being bombarded with political news stories and commentaries!

So how can we do a radio morning show and not talk about the obvious cast of characters who are in the news right now?

We've had a lot of feedback recently about certain jokes that we've made and political topics we have discussed.  We truly love to get your feedback, positive or negative!  So give it to us now!  Do you want us to joke about the candidates throughout this election season? Do you want us to cover political stories?  Do you want to hear our opinions and do you want to know who we are going to vote for?

I don't mind speaking for Sean when I say, we are both willing to be as candid as you want us to be!

Here's my opinion on the matter -

As radio personalities it's our job to entertain you on your way to work.  We are not reporters, we are not journalists, we are simply personalities.  Sean and I both take that title quite literally!  We both incorporate our families, our personal lives, our friends, our pets, our beliefs, opinions, and values into our morning show every day.  So, I feel like it would be unnatural to keep my political opinions to myself, given that I open every other part of my life up to y'all every day!

That being said, we're not in the business of making enemies, and I know that politics, along with religion, can be touchy for a lot of people.  So, personally, I try to toe the line of sharing my opinion without pissing anyone off.

So, yes, sometimes jokes might lean one way and not the other... and sometimes things between Sean and I might get a little heated, but really we're just trying to entertain you and give you something to chat about while you're wasting time at work.

Really, we're not trying to sway the election!  We only wish we had that kind of power! Ha!

And seriously, if you credit WGNA's Sean and Bethany Show as your only source of political new and commentary, you've get bigger problems anyway!

That being said, we love you all!  We appreciate you listening!  Please share your opinions in the comment section below!

Democratic Presidential Candidates Clinton And Sanders Attend Founders Day Dinner In Wisconsin
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