I was just reading a story where Kim Kardashian said she is going to run for Mayor.  What? What makes her a qualified candidate? She's good looking and has a reality show?  I know other celebrities made it into public office, like Sonny Bono and Arnold Schwarzenegger- heck, even Gopher from "The Love Boat" was in public office.

So that got me thinking, what local celebrity would you want in public office?  Steve Caporizzo is good looking, and everyone knows him from "Pet Connection".  Ann Hughes, she a good looking woman.  What about Yolanda Vega?  Maybe her campaign slogan could be "all you need is a Yolanda and a dream".  And of course there is ME, I am both good looking AND well known.  And who doesn't love them some Sean?

So, lets take a poll, who would YOU vote for to run for public office or is there some other local celebrity you'd want to enter as a write in candidate?



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