Don't get me wrong here.  I enjoyed ALL of the talent at the telethon yesterday.  Everyone did a stellar job.  But special kudos go out to the children of the Capital Region who came out to show their skills in front of the camera.  They definitely "schooled" us adults in the fine art of performing! 


There was a standout performance by 12 year old Matthew Boyce, who lists himself as a professional "Elvis Tribute Artist" on his business card!  (hey-who even HAS a business card at 12 years old?).  He had quite the  well honed routine.  Matthew was having a blast up there, and you could see him really light up the room with his moves and/or gyrations.  He even had the Elvis "kneel and point" thing going. Even the pose in this photograph would take me about an hour to untangle myself from.

Also on hand there was an entire school full of kids from the "Music Studio" in Albany.  And every one of them were pianists, although they were showing off more of their singing and choreography (I guess it would be hard to bring out 50 pianos! ) In any case, I thoroughly enjoyed them.

And last but certainly not least, there was Anthony Gargiula, who gives a lot of his time to worthy causes like this.  We go WAY BACK with Anthony - WAAY BACK!  Here's a picture of him singing on the morning show back in 2007 ,which would have made him 7 years old.

Since then he's been on national talk shows and much much more.  In fact we hear that there is something very very big in the works for him.  Can't wait to see where the future takes him, but with that talent and personality, there's no doubt he's on his way to the big time.

So there you have it folks - just a sampling of the kid talent that is home grown right here in the Capital Region!  Isn't it great when you see kids giving their time to help kids?