Boy, does time fly.  We go back a long way with this guy, and he's gone a long way ever since.  Let's see what local singing sensation Anthony Gargiula is up to these days!  

First, let's go back into the archives.  Here is Anthony singing the National Anthem at a basketball game several years ago.  He also brought the house down at one of our Countryfests as well.   Check out this video clip

So what's he doing now?  He's giving of his time and energy to create a flash mob to raise money for breast cancer research, and you can be a part of it.    Details follow.

from website

And here's his new release - "Game Over"- with accompanying video

It's a great cause, and we thank Anthony for his concern for the community.  Big news is on the horizon for him, by the way, but I'm not at liberty to reveal (although I'm DYING to!!!)