Today we had out annual radiothon for the Center For Disabilities services. I think it went pretty good this morning and we will continue on the radio until 7:00 pm tonight. If you can make a donation it would be one of the best things you will do all year. It truly is a local treasure and we are all lucky to have them here in Upstate N.Y.


I loved meeting Maya, she is the little girl in the picture we took this morning. If there could be a little Angel to inspire me to want to do more, she is that the embodiment of that Angel. It's so hard to explain what a beautiful smile she has , it truly warms your heart when you are the one she flashes with it. I will be thinking of her as we continue fund raising this Sunday for the Telethon on WXXA Fox23 starting at Noon.

It brings back to mind the fears I have of being on TV, I hate feeling uncomfortable and I can't think of anything that makes me feel as uncomfortable as talking to camera. I do this because it is important. I do it because I believe in what the Center does day in and day out for its's consumers. So I will do it again.

I wrote a blog about it last year called, "Time to face my fear of being on TV" If you didn't get a chance to read it then, you might enjoy it now. It was written on the heals of a visit to the Center for Disability Services and I think really brought to light why this is so important to me and I think, should be for you.

I hope you enjoy it, and I hope you will be tuning in to support me this Sunday from Noon to 7 on WXXA Fox23.

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