This is it, this is everything for a whole lot of people in the Capital Region, Jumpin' Jack's in Scotia opens today. The best part is it is supposed to be a beautiful warm spring day. I have to think if I wasn't working on the air this morning I would be getting in the car right now and getting into a line that is already forming for the open at 11:00 am.

I know that News 10 ABC is down there this morning to mark the annual rite of spring and I'm sure there will be others there as well. While it may seem silly for some people that a person would get so excited and stand in line for hours just to get a burger, to others its simply tradition. Something they have been doing since they were a kid and it brings back memories that are just too sweet to miss out on.
Jumpin' Jack's Drive-In was built way back in 1952 and has been going strong ever since with just one owner change.

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