In the past couple of days, the story of the veteran who was spit on in Saratoga took over the news. We love what Jonathan Reid did in response and we had a chance to talk to the owner about the experience.

You may have seen the picture trending on Facebook from Jonathan Reid who were looking for this "homeless man," as most people were calling him. Aviation Mall store Jonathan Reid decided that they wanted to do something to help who we now know is United States Military veteran Jack.

Brian & Jess had a chance to talk to the owner of the store on Tuesday and ask about the experience. Jonathan Reid owner, Jeff Ives had heard the story and wanted to see what they could do to help. If he was homeless, they wanted to provide him with the necessary clothes and anything else he may need. Turns out, that's not his story at all!

Ives also mentioned that they're hoping to have a drive in October for the Shelters of Saratoga in response to what happened to this veteran.


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