You heard the story of a "homeless man" harassed by an Assistant Manager outside of a Saratoga store, well, another men's clothing store decided to do something about it.

Last week, a video started trending of an altercation between a "homeless man" and an Assistant Manager of local Joseph A. Bank store in Downtown Saratoga. Since then, according to the Times Union, the bench that the man was sitting on has been removed and word is that the Assistant Manager has since been suspended.

Since then, Jonathan Reid of Aviation Mall, and previously of Crossgates Mall, searched on their Facebook for the man and a way to get in contact with him because they're "simply another men's clothing store and would like to do something kind for him." Thanks to Facebook, they found the man, United States military veteran Jack.

According to their Facebook, "Jonathan Reid staff, Brian and Stacy, helped him pick out the items he wanted and tailored them specifically to him. We learned that he shares our love of fine clothing and were happy he accepted our invitation. It was a pleasure meeting him and talking with him. Thank you to everyone who shared this post. Your support helped us locate Jack." 

They're also planning to do a fundraiser in October for the Shelters of Saratoga since the need is greater that time of year.

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