Secret Star is known for some once in a lifetime moments. I don't think some of our Secret Star artists were expecting serious cardio, though.

If you've been to Secret Star before, then you know that the format of the show opens it up for anything unexpected to happen. It could be a story you didn't expect to hear, a song you're familiar with but performed a different way, or two of the Secret Star artists running through the aisles at Proctors.

This last Secret Star was different. There was something about it where you knew something was going to happen, we just had to wait. That's when all of a sudden LoCash somehow got Jimmie Allen to agree to run through Proctors (downstairs and upstairs), after he performed a song. It didn't even stop there! They also somehow got Jordan Davis to do the same thing! The only difference was that Jordan Davis had to sing after that run!

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