The last weekend was Mother's Day and the Food Network decided to re-air an old Trisha's Southern Kitchen but this past weekend she was back with something new and easy for college graduates or high schoolers making their way to being independent, Peanut Butter Ramen.

Trisha wasn't actually that far off, when I think of college and the two things I always had regardless or time or money, I had peanut butter and ramen. Add some vegetables and this easy recipe is perfect!

Food Network
Food Network

I try to stick to her recipe pretty religiously but note that I didn't have any chicken on hand so I left it out and it seemed as if she wanted hers to be incredibly spicy. I wanted to tone it down to share with family so I left out some of the extra kick. Aside from that, this recipe was so easy and so affordable. Each ramen packet was about 85 cents and I know it can be found cheaper. A bag of frozen vegetables, some soy sauce packets from Chinese food leftovers- mix them together and dinner for you and a few friends!

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