I live about an hour away from where I work (Townsquare Media, Albany). On my ride home I pass cities like Schenectady, Rotterdam, and Amsterdam. With the snow pretty much gone, it's revealed some staggering truths about New York and its litter problem. After being bombarded with trash on the side of the road for the majority of my commute, I figured I'd test how much garbage there really is on my ride to and from work.

John Cameron via Unsplash
John Cameron via Unsplash

Obviously, I wasn't going to stop and get out of my car to take a picture every time I saw trash, but I also wasn't going to be unsafe and pull my phone out while driving to snap a picture either. So, instead, I mounted my phone right next to the passenger window and started recording a video before I left work on Friday, 3/31. I did the same thing for my ride to work Monday, 4/3. Afterward, I went through and screenshotted the points with the most trash.

The amount of litter I passed on just a 37 mile drive is crazy-- see for yourself:

Which New York Town is the "Trashiest"?

Decide for yourself which town on my ride to and from work is the "trashiest" by taking a look at these staggering photos of litter on the side of the road.

Did you notice how there weren't any pictures of I-90, even though I travel on it for about a third of my commute? The thruway is relatively litter-free because of the fact that they have their own designated trash clean-up crew. Imagine how much worse it would be if they didn't!

If you're a litterbug, it's time to change your habit. Not only is it bad for the environment, but it's expensive if you get caught! It's a $350 fine the first time and/or community service, and then a $700 fine any subsequent time and/or community service (ncsl.gov).

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