It doesn't really matter what the reason is that you decide to re-gift. Sometimes you have a gift laying around that you never opened, or you have an extra gift card that you will never use. No matter the reason, there are some important guidelines to re-gifting. It's actually okay to re-gift. I have never done it, but that's just because I have never thought to. After reading some of these ideas and guidelines, I think this could not only save me a ton of money, but make the recipient very happy.

A general rule is to never re-gift homemade items or monogrammed personalized gifts. Well that seems like common sense. Also, experts say to always take the item out and re-wrap it. Make sure that the gift tag has also been removed if it's something that can't be re-wrapped.

Great items to re-gift include bath products, gift baskets, scarves and gloves, board games, and of course gift cards. All of these should be unopened with tags still on them. The gift cards shouldn't have a "to and from" listed on them.

From here on out, I think this re-gifting thing may be really lucrative. I think I am going to jump on this bandwagon.

Here are a few more guidelines to re-gifting.

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