I'm the dad of a 3 year old boy and as I was looking for Halloween things to do with him this weekend multiple suggestions came to me from friends, family, etc. One particular suggestion came up on multiple occasions: trunk-or-treating. Why do I literally feel like the last person on Earth to know of such a thing?

My son Brody (who turned 3 in July) is getting to the age where he can actually enjoy and comprehend having a little Halloween fun. Since it's shared custody situation, his mom and I agreed to split up Halloween so we each can have plenty of time with the little man.  I'll have him this weekend, and he'll be able to go 'day of' trick-or-treating with his mom on Wednesday.

As I was searching for things to do with him over the weekend, some really good ideas popped up.  There's always the mall, one of the local farms, and a third thing that apparently is all the rage, and something I was completely clueless about.  Ever heard of 'trunk -or - treating'?

Many people shared with me how much their kids love doing this.  At first I kinda thought they were joking. Trunk-or-treating is described as 'a safe & fun trick-or-treating experience by participating in trunk-or-treat events for kids. Great for churches, schools and rural areas where houses are spread apart; this event takes place in a parking lot where kids go car-to-car to get their treats.'

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