WTEN/ News10 ABC will be reigniting an old tradition by playing the National Anthem each day.

Nexstar, the umbrella company that owns WTEN, has decided that they're bringing back the tradition of play the National Anthem each day, according to the Times Union. WTEN is one of 171 broadcasts that will start each morning with the Star-Spangled Banner.

If they're keeping with what they've done in the past, the anthem will be a canned version and played over the American flag waving. Nexstar did mention having emerging artists recording their own version to play. So, who knows, maybe we'll soon be hearing the likes of Madison Vandenburg singing each morning.

Once broadcasting starting lasting 24 hours per day and the exact time of the beginning of the broadcast was blurred, the tradition was dropped. Nexstar has just decided, though, they want to bring the tradition back.

The anthem will be played before the WTEN morning show, at 3:59am each morning.

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