First off, full disclosure, for those who don't know I'm a Los Angeles Rams fan and have been since I was 5. That said I've never been more impressed with a fan base than I have with the Seahawks fans here in Yakima. In fact I'll bet per capita there are more Seahawks fans here than Seattle. There is the Seahawks decorated and painted house on Summitview Ave., at Christmas on Yakima Ave I saw a home with a gigantic Seahawks light display and Seahawks apparel in just about every drugstore and grocery store in the area. You can't walk more than 100 feet and turn your head 360 degrees without seeing the number 12 or a Seahawks logo. To prove my point I was pulling out of Wray's at 72nd and Nob Hill when I noticed the Toyota in the photo above.

Now I know all about being a huge fan. I have a Rams helmet with white horns from the early 70's, about 4 jackets, 3 jerseys, 2 ball caps, a Rams trivia game and their 2000 Super Bowl run on Blue Ray. However I've never had the urge to paint my car Rams colors or with a giant Ram horn on the hood like the guy who painted a Seahawks 12 on his hood. I respect his commitment but I wonder if it's going a bit too far.

What do you think?

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