I have to admit that I am the loudest fan at my son's baseball game. I like to keep it positive, but sometimes I am so loud, it comes across as obnoxious. That's why, during baseball season, I am known as "The Big League Chooch". While I was growing up, my family were my biggest supporters. My mom had a booming voice and cheered loudly for my sister and I. My Dad was very vocal too. My grandparents even had a cowbell and horn that they brought and used at every soccer game.

Now that I am the parent and the biggest fan of Ryan, it's my turn to be a bit loud and vocal during the games. Brian and Jess find most of my outbursts obnoxious and annoying.

I mic myself up at Ryan's baseball games to give a little glimpse of my support for Ryan in a segment we call Big League Chooch. Enjoy this past weekend's baseball game fandom.

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