Like a lot of boys growing up I played a lot of different sports like football, basketball, baseball and I even wrestled. However their is one sport that I regret not playing. I mean, I've seen The Mighty Ducks. How hard could it be?

Deep down I always believed I should have been a hockey player. That being said, I don't think I would have been a very good one but I think I could have made the team... maybe.

The reason I never got to play in my youth was because it was too expensive and it really is.

I had a blast at the Frozen Springs Pond Hockey Classic, and I've also been attending some Adirondack Thunder games. If there's one thing I've learned in the past few weeks it is that now is the time.

Here's five reasons why I should be a hockey player.

5. I Can Afford It Now

Let's face it. Now that I'm a bit older and I have a decent paying job, I think I can finally afford some new equipment. Or at the very least maybe I can buy some used gear off of someone.

4. I Can Fight

It's too late for me to be the team captain or even a good player for that matter. I've always been a bit of scrapper. So, I can just be the goon.

3. I Still Have All My Teeth

I've got a head full of teeth just waiting to fall out. Which one would I lose first? Let's take bets.

2. I Can Grow A Goof Beard

Yeah, and fast too. This also helps with reason number one. The beard can cushion the opponents fist.

1. I Like Beer

This one is a bit stereotypical but it seems like a cold beer and a good game of hockey go hand in hand. I can drink any brand as long as it's free. I'm no snob. I've always wondered if the drinking actually helps your game? If not, I can take a good fall.

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