What a fantastic story out of Ohio, and it has a very local connection none other than Siena College in Loudonville. 

Here's the problem: a boy from Ohio, Jack Carder, was born with a right thumb and no fingers. Can you imagine the challenges for this kid? Especially if you are right-handed? That's not supposed to be one of the things a child should have to worry about. But when life deals you lemons, somehow you make lemonade.

Actually, students from Siena College had the ultimate "lemonade".  Led by physics student Joey Fairley and 12 other students, they started an organization called Enabling the Future, according to the Times Union. The purpose? According to the article, is to "get prosthetic hands to people in need." They use 3D printing technology to create these "Iron Man" looking devices. Here's a TV station in Ohio that did a story about it.

Oh, there's one thing that I didn't mention. The hand is FREE to the recipient. Can you just imagine how much money that saves this family if they are underinsured?

Congrats to these kids for this amazing service that they are providing. I'm thinking some kind of humanitarian award for them, don't you think?

First Person In The UK To Be Fitted With The I-limb Ultra Revolution Bionic Hand.
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