There are not many issues in America that are more debated than immigration, especially when we are talking about foreign refugees. Some people are all about building the highest walls we can and closing our borders to those who would want to build a new a new life here in America. Some people believe that America was built on and by immigrants and think we should welcome all with open arms. My guess most of us fall somewhere between the extremes. I wonder though if one's opinion would change one way or the other if those refugees were set to come take up residence right your own back yard. That very well be the case in Pittsfield Massachusetts.

According to an article on the News 10 ABC website, 15 to 18 Syrian families could find themselves resettled in Pittsfield. The initiative is being headed by Jewish Family Service of Western Massachusetts and from all that I read the community and their leaders are pretty excited about the idea.

While the article, Council Vice President John Krol stated that "the response so far has been positive" , "Brian" who commented on the article did not seem to be happy about the idea at all.

I have purposely left my opinion out of this blog because what I really want, is YOUR opinion. While I especially would love to hear from our listeners in Pittsfield, I also wonder how you would react if it were your town. Let me know.

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