I understand that emotions are very high right now and to some it could be rightfully so. Trumps orders to ban immigration has a lot of people citizens and immigrants worried about what the future may bring. Especially, to a nation that already seems so divided.

According to News 10, Recently, a female student from Kuwait named Taraf Alshammari is a PhD student at the University of Albany has gone over seas to visit her family and fears she will not be allowed back into this country. At the very least, she fears that she will be detained for her "religious beliefs."

I'm sure Taraf is not the only student who fears this and thankfully for her and other students that come to the Capital Region for higher learning, the Albany County Immigration Center is fighting for them.

The immigration center is working with the university and has reached out to a number of attorney's to help fight on Taraf's behalf, should there be an issue.

I know we are divided at times but one thing we should be able to agree on is the American dream. We need to appreciate that U.S. education system is valued by those in other counties. Who are we to deny hardworking students an education.

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