*Back in August, there were rumors swirling that there was a perfect piece of land that could house a new Trader Joe's. We are still waiting.

It looks like plans are underway to bring a new grocery store to the Halfmoon Clifton Park area. Although we may not know which one, there's a good chance it could be Trader Joe's. There isn't a shortage of supermarkets or grocery stores in our area. We have a lot to choose from. Now there is a plan to build another one in Halfmoon. The plans have been approved, we just don't know which grocery store will occupy the space.

According to the Albany Business Review, the Halfmoon Planning Board has signed off on a plan to build a grocery store that will be just twelve thousand five hundred square feet. The location is in Halfmoon on open land on Crossings Boulevard right past Red Robin between Berkshire Bank. It is across from Hoffman Car Wash and Home Depot.

Across Route 9 there is already an ALDI, a Target is nearby that sells groceries, Walmart isn't far from that location, there is a Hannaford, and two Market 32 by Price Chopper locations all nearby.

There was no mention of which grocery chain will fill the space, but there is a ton of speculation. Because of the small square footage of the proposed store, many believe that Trader Joe's may be occupying that space. There have been rumors swirling for years that in addition to Trader Joe's on Wolf Road, they were looking to build another one in that area. Coincidentally, that square footage is the same size as the Wolf Road Trader Joe's location.

I think that is a perfect location for another Trader Joe's, but that's because it's closer to my house. I am just being selfish.

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