if you scour the "YouTube" it isn't hard to find some young basketball player being touted as the next Jordan or the Next Lebron, this kid however may indeed be the real deal. In 6th grade Shamar Morrow, known as "Baby Lebron" already stands at 6'2" and can dunk!

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Let's be honest though, being able to dunk does not make you a future NBA star. The kid does have some other parts of his game worth noting though. He seems to have pretty good ball skills and he has an outside shot. If you remember when Lebron was young and had gotten NBA scouts excited at this young age he had already established himself as an all around player.

As I watch the video of Shemar I have to tell you in is impressive but then I think well these kids are almost literally HALF his size. This isn't his fault mind you but it does take a little bit away from his blocked shots and hard driving to the hoop. I mean, I'm pretty sure I could domintate against the typical 6th grader myself.

So I ask you, is this kid the next Lebron?