Do you believe that a two-year-old can recite the alphabet, count to 1000 and speak in several languages? Well, one little boy can, and he was admitted to Mensa!

His name is Anthony Poppa Urria from Canada.  I can't find a picture of him on YouTube, byt I do have this link to if you'd like to read about him.  He was admitted into Mensa for his incredible IQ (154!) .

I did find this video of a boy names Aiden who was featured on Regis and Kelly a few years back.  He is a geography genius, and this is just as incredible!

What were YOU doing when you were two?  I know what I was doing - I was doing it in my pants!

Amazing.  How do you possibly explain that?

Sorry, folks, but this is my favorite of all time kid genius.  I could watch this video over and over and over.

I hope you enjoyed these little videos, and now that I've made you (and me) feel totally inadequate, I will be off to bed now ( I have an amazing talent for falling asleep fast)