It is hard to be a parent sometimes. Lord knows we all do our best. One thing I know for sure is, it's a different struggle for every parent. You should never compare yourself to other parents to judge how well you are doing. It seems that some parents are just natural at it, they make it all look so easy and you just can't help but pale in comparison. Like today's nominees for "Parents of the Year".

We go now to Louisville, Kentucky to find our glowing examples of parenting, 43 year old Laura Diprimo and 28 year old Thomas Lee. This couple knows to be good parents you must set aside time for yourselves as well. If you are not strong as a couple it can make raising children that much harder, so they chose to have a couples night out. A nice night at the local strip club. I know what your thinking, "Sean, that sounds awesome my spouse and I would enjoy a night out at the strip club but how can you afford lap dances AND a babysitter?" Well our couple has the answer, you just don't bother getting a babysitter.

That's right they brought their 1 year old son with them and left him in the car. It's ok though, don't worry they had it locked up and the windows rolled up, so no one would get in to bother the baby and it was nice and warm , a heat index of about 91 so no worries about freezing in there. Our potential "Parents of the Year" had thought of everything, good to go. Well, they didn't take into account that some nosy patrons of the club would see the baby alone in the car and call the police. When the cops arrived they found the Mom had jumped back into the car and rolled the windows down. They arrested her anyway. The baby was drenched in sweat apparently , but she will be fine. They also arrested our "Dad of the Year" nominee but they had to wait for him to come out of the club as he was trying to wait until they left. Perfectly understandable as he did not want them to see his ankle bracelet that was supposed to keep him on house arrest.

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God Bless.

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