A 20-year-old local woman left her child unattended in a car for 90 minutes before neighbors called 911.  Krystyl Knockwood, of Troy, left her 3-year-old in a car while she visited a friend.  This is a tough one to process on so many levels.  How does this thappen?

According to the Times Union, The crying 3-year-old girl left alone in her mom's car for 90 minutes Wednesday wandered around an apartment building looking for help before a neighbor called 911, police said.  While details are a little sketchy in terms of what exactly would possess a person to leave a child unattended for 90 seconds, let alone 90 minutesis unknown at this time.

Surely more questions will be answered in the days to come.  In the meantime, the little girl is now in the hands of her grandmother while Knockwood is charged with misdemeanor endangering the welfare of a child. She was arraigned in North Greenbush Town Court and is due back June 2.

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