So I might be one of the few people that are starting to get a little sick of hearing about Charlie Sheen and his antics -- mostly because I agree with Sean.  Celebrities are followed by the paparazzi and the press sometimes so much, they are driven slightly crazy.  I'm sure if technology was as aadvanced 20-years ago as it is now, we would know things about previous celebrities that would either a) change the way we remember them now and/or b) make us write them off as role-models. 

Despite being over publicized, the Charlie Sheen saga is making me yawn.  However, I just saw this video circulating around and I must say, it's pretty hilarious, even if you're like me and sick of the story.  You may have seen on Jimmy Kimmel's show.  It definitely sheds some humor on Charlie's situation.  Check it out.

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