I feel like I was a Freshman in college only about 3 years ago, thinking back I graduated in 2010 and it's almost been 10 years since I've been a student. Incoming Freshman were born in 1999 and can you believe this list of things about them?

I'm only 28, these students are only 10 years younger than me, how can our lives have been so different? Beloit College put together a "Mindset List" for the incoming Freshman class (Class of 2021) and you won't believe some of these things!

  1. For them, a phone has always primarily been a map, video games...pretty much anything besides a phone
  2. They've never seen a brand new Peanuts cartoon
  3. Most likely, they've never heard the sound of a dial-up modem
  4. Donald Trump has always been a political figure to them
  5. They've always been able to order from Amazon
  6. Pokemon has always existed and they've never stopped catching them all!
  7. These students never knew Jimmy Kimmel used to protect Ben Stein's money
  8. Sacagawea has always been on a dollar coin
  9. Wikipedia was always allowed to be used for papers
  10. Justin Timberlake has always been a solo act to them
  11. Bill Clinton is only known to them as Hillary's husband

Take a look at their website if you want to see the whole list of 60. Did one of these shock you more than the others? Can you think of something else to add?

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