So I guess Bethany isn't on the list.... but maybe your name is!

A website called Mooseroots studied 14,750 geniuses to figure out the most common first names.

They made a list that included writers, scientists, mathematicians, artists, philosophers, inventors, composers, and Nobel laureates and figured out what the most common names on the list were.

For men, the top 10 names for geniuses are -

1. John

2. Robert

3. William

4. Charles

5. David

6. James

7. Richard

8. Johann

9. George

10. Paul

For women, the top 10 names for geniuses are -

1. Mary

2. Elizabeth

3. Maria

4. Anne

5. Margaret

6. Susan

7. Ruth

8. Anna

9. Alice

10. Dorothy

If you're trying to figure out a baby name, or even prove to someone how smart you really are, this list might come in handy!

Are you on the list??

Adam Berry/Getty Images


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