Friday night I got to sit down with one of the industries biggest stars, Jason Aldean. We talked about potential baby names for his first son and Jason walked away with a one of a kind souvenier from the 518 that I think he genuinely appreciated!

Thousands of fans came to the Taste of Country 2017 Music Festival at beautiful Hunter Mountain over the weekend but I feel as priveldged as any of them.  Surely I was a little nervous interviewing Jason Aldean, I'm not going to lie about that.  In fact, if you listened to the show in the morning, Chrissy and Jess were busting on me for "fangirling" over Aldean and even altering my voice a bit at times to match his southern drawl.  They even questioned some of the questions I asked the Friday night headliner.  Let them have their laughs at my expense; I got to meet my "Spirit Cowboy" saw him peform live for the second time in 3 years and had a blast in the process.

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