I've heard that the sweetest sound a person ever hears id their own name. It is something that in many ways defines you as a person, and can effect you your entire life. Think about it, if you were a human resource manager and you have two resumes in front of you, with each applicant being otherwise equal are you more likely to hire Jane Smith or Moonbeam Smith? Unless your the human resource manager at a pot farm, a circus or Hot Topic, I'm gonna guess Jane gets the job.


I don't think there is anything wrong with trying to be original, or to be creative with your baby's name, but I think you have to remember the importance that name will have on that child especially when they are no longer a child. With all that said in a recent survey parents where asked if they regretted the name they gave their children and one out of ten did. Here are the ones that made it to the top of the list of most regrettable names.

Boys: Beckham, Axl, Kai, Kester, Jordan and Joaquim

Honestly , I don't have too much of a problem with Jordan or even Kai, but Axl? Really? I assume this may be in homage to Axl Rose, is the brother named Slash? I also have now convinced myself that anyone who named there little baby boy "Kester" tried to write Lester and somehow there was a mix up at the birth certificate maker place.

Girls: Apple, Chardonnay, Peaches and Madonna

Clearly, "Chardonnay" was the closest label to read when the Mother and Father were asked what they would like on the birth certificate. If you named your child after Madonna wee, that's just your own fault and I have no sympathy for you.  Apple and Peaches, well these girls parents were just simply planning out their little girl's careers ahead of time, "Gentleman! Lets put your hands together for Peaches comin' to the stage..."

God Bless.


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