Ask anyone in the Capital Region what's on their mind now that holidays are over and surely you'll hear something about how the frigid the temps have been. I know I've been complaining about it!  Snow, on the other hand, presents a whole different set of issues.  What's worse in your opinion: Getting dumped on by tons of snow or weeks of this relentless arctic freeze we've been experiencing?

Sure, the white fluffy stuff looks pretty after a fresh snowfall, and who doesn't love a snow day or perhaps even a work day? After a couple of days though, it turns into that nasty grey slush that slops all over our clothes, gets in our homes and cars, slows down traffic to a grinding halt and causes potential flooding. The sub-zero temps, on the other hand, make you NEVER want to leave your house, and when you do, good luck ever feeling comfortable with 16 layers of clothes covering your body from head to toe. 

As you can probably imagine, I'm not a big Winter guy; I don't ski, I don't ice skate, I don't have a fireplace, a car starter, or a love for hot cocoa.  I love New York too, it's just the Winter I hate.  Wake me up when February ends!




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