We all know that dreaded sight: a little white piece of paper flapping in the wind, pinned down by a lone wiper blade -- your wiper blade. Is there anything worse?

City Of San Francisco To Increase Number Of Parking Tickets To Aid Budget Deficit
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OK, we've all parked where we shouldn't, right? Sometimes we just take the gamble even though we know we're doing something wrong. If this was what I had done on Thursday night, I wouldn't be so confused as to why I have a $65 parking ticket now.

I'm a rule follower through and through. Seriously, look up 'Rule Follower' in the dictionary and I'm there. So, I obviously had no idea I was breaking the law!

Where I parked, there was a sign that read:

No Stopping

Except Buses

7a - 7p

OK, so no rules after 7p, right? Except my ticket was issued at 8:39p.

I got home in a huff, called my mom, and whined that me (and the two cars ahead of me...) got tickets that we didn't deserve. It wasn't until I finished explaining what the sign read that I realized: there are two ways to interpret this sign- the way I did above, and this way:

No Stopping [EVER]

Except Buses [CAN]


There you have it, folks. I guess I'll have to chalk it up to a failed lesson in perception. P.S. I'm sorry for setting a poor example, two cars ahead of me.

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