There are typically three things that people say to me when I'm out: 1.) I'm so glad that 'GNA picked you up 2.) I've always loved listening to Nana and 3.) The Yes or No game was my favorite!

I knew it was a good time when I'd play, I knew people enjoyed playing along but I never realized just how much. That was until I was hanging out during an intermission while hosting trivia and I was called over to a table.

"Marissa! Play the yes or no game with me!"

I hesitated at first because it's been a few months, what if I'm rusty? Eventually, after incessant begging and pleading, I gave in and we played live in the bar. Needless to say, my skills are in tact!

Here's how it works:

I'll take caller 7 and we'll have a 30 second conversation (maybe - depending on your skill level)...

Your goal is to not respond using Yes, No or variations of those words. Examples: Yeah, Nah, Uh huh, Nuh-uh, Sure, Never, plus could help ya figure out what to stay away from, too! (Please note: within game play it'll be at my discretion.)

If you make it through successfully, well first of all, congratulations because it's not as easy as it sounds! And secondly, you'll get an awesome prize! If you don't make it through, I mean, I'm typically pretty nice and give ya the prize any way because we all know how difficult it can be getting through for a contest in the first place!

Starting today (Monday, August 22) we'll play at Noon and I'll have a family four-pack of tickets into the Columbia County Fair where Lonestar will be playing on 9/4!

I hope you enjoy the game as much as I have over the years!