While the Yankee win last night was quite satisfying, there was nothing enjoyable about the top of the 6th inning.  That's when Bronx Bomber catcher Gary Sanchez got drilled right in the jewels by a foul ball he couldn't hang on to.  It was a painful night even though the Yanks won the game.  However I feel like we all may have died a little on the inside when Gary had a moment, that was quite scary.

Sure, Yankee reliever David Robertson wanted the strikeout, but he put his buddy before his own gain.  While Sanchez writhed in pain, Robertson's priceless reaction is what people most people will remember. He covered his glove with his mouth and even held onto his own set of sandbags while Sanchez recovered on the sandlot.  His thoughts clearly on the Yankee catcher known for his "passed balls".

elsa/getty images

elsa/getty images

The Yankees go on to play the Cleveland Indians in the next round of the MLB playoffs.  The ALDS starts on Thursday and expect to see "Gary and the Boys" behind the plate.  It's October, and they say this late in the year, we're all playing a little injured.

Even us fans.

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