4 men were arrested over the weekend in Albany after police say they climbed the roof of the Egg at the Empire State Plaza. Their not so egg-cellent adventure also included spray painting and defacing the property. One of the men charged was apparently celebrating a milestone birthday while the other was celebrating his new found love. I guess you could say their plan was poorly hatched, and today, the yokes on them.

According to News10 ABC, police received a complaint early Sunday morning that four people had entered a secured construction site at the Egg by hopping over the fence. They then climbed up the scaffolding to the roof of the Egg. Police said two out of the group used orange spray paint that was left at the site to tag the roof.

According to the report, Jessalyn Stafford, 28, of Schenectady, and Adam Blakley, 30, of Delmar, were both arrested for Trespass.

David Zirpoli, 34, of Delmar, was arrested for Criminal Trespass and Criminal Mischief since he participated in the graffiti on the Egg.

William Grimes, 30, of Albany, was charged with Criminal Mischief, Petit Larceny, Criminal Trespass, and Making Graffiti.

Sources who have explained to me the 'alleged' reason what their intentions were regarding the messages they left behind.  The two men who used the spray paint defaced the Egg by writing a name followed by the number '30' - apparently signifying a friends age. While another spray-painted 'J+D', thought to have been a romantic way of shouting out his love for a new found relationship. 

Adams Durty 30
Adams Durty 30 Photo From State Police
J + D tagged on Egg
J + D tagged on Egg Photo From State Police


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