Scotty McCreery is a talented singer/performer, avid golfer, devoted husband and all-around really good dude.  Known for his deep resonance and songwriting prowess, there are a few things about the man performing in Albany tonight that many people don't know.  So Brian and Chrissy decided to ask the 'Five More Minutes' singer about his golf game and marriage. Yes, he is a really good player, but he's just like the rest of us and told us why he's come close to chucking a few clubs!  And when it comes to his wonderful marriage, he told us what happened when last month, on his wedding anniversary, he took out the frozen wedding cake and dove into that one-year-old banana cream wedding cake.  It wasn't pretty!   For the most part, Scotty's got a pretty good deal going on and he's about as calm and cool and friendly as they come. Listen to the full interview here and enjoy his Concert on the Course tonight at Capital Hills Golf Course in Albany later this evening.

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