I was ready to write something completely different this morning when I saw this article.  It nearly knocked me clean out of my chair.  Are you all seated? Get ready for  Brangelina's (Brad and Angelina's) household budget.

According to Hollybaby.com (God knows how I landed on this site.  Trust me, it was accidental!) -here is their budget breakdown:

  • $5 million on private jets!
  • $1 million + on private tutors!
  • $900,000 on nanny for each of their children!
  • $96,000 for clothes!
  • $36,000 grocery bill!  not counting eating out!
  • $7,000 birthday parties!
  • Hotel bills. “They once spent $500,000 for one stay at the Waldorf,” notes the source.
  • Private cares. At $600 a day, Brad and Angelina regularly hire private SUVs to drive their kids around for the day.

I shortened these up.  If you go to the website, you will see their explanations of why they spent this money.  

.OK, the private jets I can understand, believe it or not.  You might have to spend that much for privacy when you are so public.  Although mine doesn't cost nearly as much.

Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Arrive In Japan

.A million for tutors and $900,000 a piece to watch EACH KID? They have about 15 of them, don't they?    Here is an example of stars getting gouged by service people who live in Hollywood.  I'll bet in Tinseltown, if you charged the normal $100/day per child, they would think you were terrible no matter HOW good you were.  You have to play the money game!

$7000 birthday parties. Actually ,when you are spending a mil each on just WATCHING your kids, seven grand doesn't sound like much.  CHEAP SKATES!

 $500,000 hotel bills?  Again, there are probably times that you are so desperate for privacy as a superstar that you would rent out the entire hotel AND the island that it is on just to keep the paparazzi away!  Believe it or not, I can understand that too, MAYBE!

But it is mindboggling, isn't it?  I'm trying here to think like a superstar and justify some of these expenses, because alot of them do it, but it's hard for us working stiffs to understand. 

How much do YOU spend on child care?  If you were super rich, would you live a lifestyle like this, or would you try to stay the same?  Do you think it's spoiling these kids to show them this kind of existence and shield them from the real world?   Would love to know!

Sorry, I have to go.  I've got a Wendy's coupon burning a hole in my pocket!

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