Yesterday the Baltimore Orioles beat the Red Sox 9-6 in a game went 17 innings and lasted 6 hours and 17 minutes. That is quite a long time to sit through a game and  I have been in that situation before. I was in attendance for the longest AHL game in history back in 2008. The Albany River Rats lost to the Philadelphia Phantoms in a game that went to 5 Overtime periods and took over 5 hours and 38 minutes to play. I was there for work purposes, but I probably would have stuck around through the whole thing anyway because I knew I was witnessing history. I can say I was only a few to witness this historic game because there were only 1,809 in attendance at the start of the game and only a handful at the end when the final goal was made at 12:38 am.

The Longest and second longest college hockey games also have a local twist to them. Both of them involved Union Hockey. In 2010, Union lost to Qunnipiac in a 5 OT game and in 2006 lost to Yale in another 5 OT thriller.

So thinking about all this, I thought I would ask all my friends out there: