This week's episode of "How I Met Your Mother" has the cast and crew in hot water with the Asian community.

In this weeks HIMYM, Marshall (Jason Segel) travels to Shanghai to learn the "Slap of a Million Exploding Suns." The show took on a "Kill Bill" vibe where Marshall was trained by the rest of the cast dressed as Asian characters.

This offended some viewers who accused the show of putting it's actors in "Yellow Face" on Twitter and began the hashtag #HowIMetYourRacism.

HIMYM co-creator Carter Bays (shown in the far left of the picture above) issued the following apology on Twitter yesterday. @carterbays

As someone who watched the show I feel it was just what Bays says it was.

They attempted to make a goofy Kung Fu movie spoof and were taken seriously. I feel we all take ourselves far too seriously. Cut the show and it's creators some slack. If they're guilty of anything it's that wasn't one of the best episodes AND can he just meet the dang mother already?!!!