Wow, 9 years. I can not believe that I have been waiting that long just to find out how Ted met his wife. Here we are though just about to have it all wrapped up and hopefully all of our questions answered. Tonight we will experience what Jason Segal (Marshall) says, is sure to be one of the great finales. In a recent interview with CNN he said, " I don't want to go out on a limb, but I will. This is potentially the best finale of any show ever ... with the possible exception of the second "Newhart" series."

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That my friends is some pretty high praise, I myself however know that if there is one thing this show can do to a viewer , perhaps better than anything is surprise them. I remember one of the biggest shocks for me and one I am still pretty mad about is how deeply they hurt me emotionally in the episode where Marshall's father died. I remember going to work the next day angry that a comedy would do that to a person with no warning what - so - ever! I think I even tried to get legislation passed to ban that sort of thing in the future. As mad as I was about it though, I had to give them credit it truly was some great TV.

there was a lot of great TV in those nine seasons, I know that I for one will miss "the gang" and having a beer with them while listening to their crazy stories. I thank them for working hard to keep the show fresh and for the many laughs and tears along the way. I really do feel like I have indeed met Ted, and know him well.

SO here it is at the end and I'm sure you have your theories and I know I have mine. I have heard some say that Robin does indeed wind up with Ted, I've heard that the "Mother" in the story may actually have died and that is why "Ted" is telling his kids this story. I'm sure you have  come up with a few theories of your own. Tonight we will finally know, and sadly but maybe just in time, it will be over.

So as we say goodbye to Ted, Marshall, Lily, Robin and Barney we may be saying "Hello" to an all new batch of friends as one of them tries to explain to her children, "How I Met Your Dad". Hmmm, I wonder how "Have you met , Sally?" will come off. Well we will apparently find out as the Pilot for the spin off has already been ordered.

What do you think , will you watch the spin off are are you done with the concept? How do you think they will end the series tonight? Will there be a crazy twist? What was your favorite episode or memory from the show? Let me know!!