Maybe it's not a good thing for a guy in radio to admit but yes, I am a TV-aholic.  I love that time of the day when I can lose myself and be entertained by somebody else. I also like just about every kind of show, though I really do have trouble with the "Dancing with the stars" I know its a huge hit but there is just something about Nancy Grace waltzing across a stage in a sequin gown just doesn't appeal to me. Just sayin'.

Knowing that some of you may share a love for the "boob tube" I with the help of my lovely assistant Andrea,  have found the schedule for the coming week's prime time line ups. The season premieres of some of your favorites and some new shows to keep an eye or a DVR on. I think I will break it up over the next week or so by days and we should probably start with this coming Monday. That is when most of them will be hitting your TVs.

Monday, September 19th, 2011

Two And A Half Men Season Premiere (CBS): We finally get to see how the new show flourish or fail with the departure of Charlie Sheen and the addition of Demi's husband.

Castle Season Premiere (ABC)

Dancing With The Stars Season Premiere (ABC): As I mentioned before, most of you like this show a lot and that is great, I cant say I will be tuning in though.

2 Broke Girls Series Premiere (CBS): This is a new show that CBS has been promoting quite a bit, its the one with the two waitresses that seem to have nothing in common except for their need for the job.

The Sing-Off Season Premiere (NBC)

The Playboy Club Series Premiere (NBC): I've seen quite a bit of promos on this show as well. Hard to tell if I will watch or not, I've never been a huge fan of pretty women in skimpy outfits.

How I Met Your Mother Season Premiere (CBS): I look forward to this one every year. I really do enjoy the show and interaction of the cast, though I must say, I think we need to get this question answered sometime soon.

Hawaii Five-O Season Premiere (CBS): Another show I have for whatever reason not managed to watch but I do know it is quite popular with the people who have.

There you go, your Monday night at a glance. Set your DVRs or make your popcorn and enjoy. I will try to get the rest of the week out over the next few days.